The finest Silver Labs in Western New York


Located near the shores of Lake Ontario in Newfane, NY – we pride ourselves in breeding the finest Silver and Charcoal Labs in the Western New York area. Their striking and unusual color is the added bonus to owning a lab.

Our dogs truly live "a dogs life"... during the day running thru our 17 acres of fields and woods, or swimming in the pond... and at night sleeping at the foot of our bed. They do not live in a kennel and are not overbred. At most, we have 1–2 litters a year. These puppies are hand whelped in our home and daily handled and socialized. We are very selective in our choice of prospective owners as we want only the best for our puppies.

Our dogs are all AKC registered and come from the best lineage with strong hunting backgrounds. We have taken the time to investigate the parentage of each of our dogs so as to pass on only the best genes to our future litters.

We welcome you to visit our "kennel" to see our dogs first hand. We see your purchase of a pup from us as a lifetime commitment. First, from you – to give your new addition love and attention for his/her lifetime not only until their puppy looks are matured to a dog. Secondly, from us – we are here as support for you... for any questions or concerns that may arise. We are always willing to take back, without question, any pup that is not able to be loved to the fullest.

We love our labbies and are truly in the breeding of the silvers so that others can experience what we have. Silvers are just like chocolates (labs)... you can't stop at having just one!

– Cheri & Doug Klumpp