Please take note,  when you place a deposit on any one of the litters, you are committing yourself to keep in contact with us through out the entire process. YOU are to contact US within 3 days of the litter being born to confirm interest in the litter in which your deposit is placed. If you do NOT contact us within 3 days you will sacrifice your place in pick order.

Weekly, I will send out pictures of the litter to each deposit holder. It is YOUR responsibility to contact us again by the time the pups turn 4 weeks of age to set up your visit to make your individual pick (which is done by week 5). On the day of your pick we will finalize a day for pick up. 

The time I spend tracking people down to confirm interest or arranging visits is less time I have to spend on the babies- they are only with me for 7 weeks and I would like to spend every available minute on their care. 

I appreciate all your understanding in the light of these changes.