OFA Good (Dam)  - OFA Fair (Sire)

Zeus is the son of our own Remi (Retired) and Ruger. He is being raised by our daughter and has grown up to be the perfect mix of his momma (he HAS to have a toy with him at all times) and daddy (blocky head, thick shiny coat, and ALWAYS giving kisses).

When he's not being a goofball or showing off all of his tricks, he's a very laid back 80lb lapdog. We can't wait to pass along his great looks and personality to future pups down the road!

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OFA Good (Dam)- OFA Good (Sire)
CNM (Centonuclear myopathy)
DM (Degenerative myelopathy)
PRCD (Progressive rod cone dystrophy)
Clear through parentage
EIC (Exercise induced collapse) carrier

Rigby is a Silver-Factored Chocolate, weighing in at 85 lbs. He is stocky, and well built with a thick chest and otter tail. He is a clown, and a toy hog.. .and I don't think he will ever grow up out of that puppy way of thinking! He demands your attention in a quiet way, pawing at you untill you pet him- a VERY handsome boy and a true "southern gentleman". 

Rigby comes to us from Charcoal and Silver Labs in AR, the same breeder as our Ruger. We can not thank Heather enough for the opportunity to raise another one of her boys and to be able to pass along those silver genes!

Retired Boys

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Wesson "Wes"