OFA Excellent (Sire)- OFA Fair (Dam)

A beautiful, stocky little girl, standing 21" at the shoulder with that short otter tail that does not stop wagging. Fun loving and full of spirit.  She is currently weighing in at 85 lbs. She has great confirmation and a beautiful face. As she rarely stops moving she promises to be an excellent bird dog.

Her first litter was of 11 puppies! They all had beautiful blocky faces and amazing temperaments!



Rossi is another one of our own... a well proportioned Silver girl that is a carbon copy of her momma, Kimber, in both looks and her loving nature. And her goofy personality comes right from her daddy, Wesson.

She weighs in at 80 lbs and is a carrier of the yellow gene. She's a wonderful addition to our breeding program and will produce some beautiful pups.  

Retired Girls

Retired 2012


Retired 2015

Remington "Remi"

Retired 2016

Daisy May

Still (and always) part of the family...

Klumpp's Chrome Mossberg aka "Mossy" (left) & Klumpp's Chrome Benelli aka "Nelli" (right) will always be considered our girls.
We're happy they now have their own big yard to run and play in with Gordie and Diane. Thank you for loving our girls!